7 Top Amazon Alexa Productivity Skills to Help You Hustle

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You may already start your morning off by asking Amazon's voice-enabled Alexa for the news or weather, but there are a host of additional skills available to help you kick off your day and increase productivity throughout. Multitasking Marges will appreciate the ability to check their email while making breakfast, and last-minute Larrys can ensure they select the best route to work based on real-time traffic patterns. 

Here are seven of the best Amazon Alexa productivity apps currently available. 

Better than a Glass of OJ

Start your day off on the right foot by enabling the My Morning Alexa skill. This seven-minute guide begins with silent meditation, moves to affirmation and visualization, pauses for a moment of gratitude, devotes 60 seconds to top priorities and finishes with optional stretching and jumping jacks. Say "Alexa, start my morning" to begin using the enabled skill.  

Twitter Reader

The Twitter Reader skill was created by Twitter Inc. to allow Amazon Alexa users to passively consume their Twitter streams while tending to other tasks.  Enable Twitter Reader and you'll have access to the following information by invoking the phrases below:

Latest Tweets from your home Timeline:

"Alexa, ask Twitter what is happening?"


"Alexa, ask Twitter for my Mentions"


Alexa, ask Twitter has anyone Retweeted me?

Effortless Email

Enable the Astrobot, an intelligent email assistant, and get a head start on email while brushing your teeth or loading the dishwasher. The Astrobot Alexa skill manages Gmail or Office 365 email accounts and can read and reply to priority emails. Once enabled and linked with your email account, say "Alexa, open Astrobot" to get started.

Make a Date

The Alexa Quick Events skill gives you the power to schedule events via Google calendar with your voice. Quick Events will check for conflicting events and times and asks for confirmation before adding events.  Enable the skill and say, "Alexa, launch quick events" to get begin.

Get to Work on Time

Before you head out the door for the day, check in with the "I'm Driving" Alexa skill for your estimated travel time and a route recommendation based on current traffic conditions.  Enable the "I'm Driving" skill and enter your home address and up to five of your most traveled to destinations. Say, "Alexa, I'm driving" to invoke the skill after initial set-up is complete.

Household Hero

You've just returned from work and the house is a disaster. If you've got the Tick's Household Hero skill enabled, you'll no longer have to choose between doing everything yourself or battling with kids to get them to do, well, anything. This motivational cleaning app assigns rooms to clean and doles out cheesy one-liners and a "beat you can scrub to." Say "Alexa, launch The Tick's Housework Hero" to begin.

Limitless Lists

Amazon recently announced upgrades to its popular list-making skill. Whereas users were previously restricted to preset list categories, they can now create and name lists for any purpose, such as shopping or vacation planning. Once created, lists can be synched with third-party list apps such as Todoist, Cozi and Anlyist or accessed via the Alexa mobile app. 

Productivity Pros

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