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A typical technology adoption lifecycle begins with innovators, attracts early adopters and slowly begins to roll-out to the public over time.  Voice-enabled technology has eschewed that model with its innate ability to make life easier for the population at large.  In 2016, Google reported that 20% of its mobile searches were input via speech. But that 20% doesn't belong to the techies, it's your aging father who has difficulty searching the web, or your mother-in-law voice-searching for the nearest toy store on her drive over to visit the grandkids.

At Cream City Digital, we believe voice-enabled technology will change all of our lives and transform the marketing world --  so we're dedicating our blog to the topic. 

7 Amazon Alexa commands to create a spirited soundtrack for your holiday tradition

You may already start your morning off by asking Amazon's voice-enabled Alexa for the news or weather, but there are a host of additional skills available to help you kick off your day and increase productivity throughout.

When it comes to party staples for Halloween, Amazon Alexa-enabled device owners will have no need to toil and trouble.  Five skills have emerged from the shadows of the Alexa skill store to treat party hosts to a boo-tifully hands-free event. 

With the recent introduction of six new members of the Amazon Alexa family, Apple's HomePod slated for release in December, and reportsthat Google is working on a high-end version of the Google Home, it's clear that the voice revolution has arrived.

Although Amazon was not targeting elderly or disabled adults with the creation of the Echo device, one of the most promising aspects of the Echo's assistive technology is its ability to offer easily accessible information and services to consumers who may have a difficult time interacting with computers or mobile devices.

By now, you're probably familiar with the Amazon Echo, Dot and Tap devices, Amazon's popular voice-controlled speakers that enable users to listen to music, check the weather, create shopping lists, or control smart-home devices simply by directing the right command at the device.  The brains behind these voice-controlled devices is Alexa. Alexa was chosen as a device name by Amazon for a few reasons...