Do it Right the First Time

You've hired agencies in the past.  You've created a website, an app or even an Alexa skill.  Your agency occasionally mentions analytics.  But what next?  Do you have performance metrics you understand and can take action on?  Are the most important marketing platforms you've invested in being monitored, analyzed, and improved over time?

The answer is often no.  And that's why Cream City Digital is a different kind of agency.  Our digital marketing solutions are intelligently designed and engineered. Our performance programs and strategic analysis ensure your digital marketing solutions evolve to meet your consumers' demands. 

Meet our Team

Jill Schmidt, President

Jill Schmidt is a lover of data-driven communications and a keen follower of digital marketing best practices and trends. Throughout her 18 year tenure in marketing and advertising, she has worked on digital account strategy and campaigns for companies such as Colgate, Kellogg, Kimberly-Clark, Briggs & Stratton, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel and many others.   She is the creator and writer of a triple award-winning email newsletter. Founding member of the Milwaukee Interactive Marketing Association, former Vice President, and seven-term board member.  


Charlie Schmidt, Director of Software Development

With 20 years of digital experience under his belt, Charlie has led digital and development teams at numerous agencies. A true technical advocate, he partners with companies to ensure best practices are followed during the life-cycle of software development and implementation.  He specializes in emerging mobile, tablet and hardware device integration technologies.  His client roster includes Sargento, Samsung, Reynolds, Kellogg, Pfizer, Roche Diagnostics, GE Healthcare, XBOX, Miller-Coors, Fujifilm, Nintendo, Anguil Environmental Systems, Johnson Bank, Marcus Theaters and many more. 


Certifications: Sitecore certified development, Google Adwords, Google Analytics, Google Mobile Development, Ucommerce (Kentico)

Additional Certifications and Achievements: Imagine IoT, Basics of Design Research, The Impact of Digitization on Leadership and Work (SAP Leadership Series), Reimagining the Future: A Journey Through the Looking Glass (SAP Leadership Series), Experience SAP Hybris Solutions, Google Tag Manager Fundamentals, Mobile App Analytics Fundamentals, E-commerce Analytics: From Data to Decisions, Enterprise Machine Learning in a Nutshell, Google Analytics Platform Principles, Digital Analytics Fundamentals, Crown Peak Developer, Kentico - Online Marketing Essentials (v10), Kentico Content Admin Essentials (v10), Kentico Developer Essentials course (v10), Kentico Advanced Developer course (v10)

Ben Sier, Research and Development Advisor

With decades of network architecture, hardware, and implementation experience Ben is most happy on the bleeding edge of technology. He guides Cream City Digital’s R&D department through innovation and creativity, focusing on rapid prototyping and evaluating proof of concepts for market viability. Ben’s specialties include network security, network architecture, virtualization, storage, hardware integration, embedded devices, IoT, and  technical team management.

Fran Verito, Director of Content

"Seasoned" is a polite way to say that Fran is a professional who has been around for a long time, and has seen and done just about everything there is to see and do around copywriting. With decades of experience in B2B, B2C and Corporate marketing across media, Fran has produced solid results in industries including consumer goods, lifestyle, wellness, beauty & fashion, finance, healthcare, insurance, manufacturing, technology, and education to build an impressive roster of very happy clients. Along with strategic and creative strengths, Franworks extensively with A/B split testing and analytics to incorporate the most precisely branded, high-performing words into sales and marketing copy, for messages that make a real difference.